Youth Board of Cyprus

Ευρωπαϊκή Κάρτα Νέων - European Youth Card


10.00 EUR

Age limit:

13 - 30 years



104 Athalassas Ave.
2024 Nicosia



Organisation's profile:

The Youth Board of Cyprus is a semi-governmental organization, independent from the civil service, with its own structure and staff. The Youth Board of Cyprus strives to promote progress and prosperity among all young people of Cyprus, irrespective of religion and ethnic origin, by dealing with their problems in an efficient way. It also promotes their active participation in the social, economic and cultural development of our country.

Card's profile:

The Youth Board of Cyprus issues both a Classic card and a European Youth Card Student in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Student card is recognized by the government as the official national student card and is given to all University and College students studying in Cyprus and abroad and to those who are enrolled in Certified Study Programs.

Some of the most attractive benefits of the Cyprus card are:
- 50% discount on tickets for the Theatrical Organisation of Cyprus
- Cypriot students in European Universities and Colleges are eligible to discount prices on trains, theaters, stores etc.

Where to get the card:

* Youth Board of Cyprus headquarters in Nicosia.
* Youth Information Centers in Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Agros.
* Online at