Jugendkarte GmbH

European Youth Card Austria


14.00 EUR

Age limit:

12 - 30 years (the last day before your 31st birthday)



Jugendkarte GmbH
Lilienbrunngasse 18/2/41
1020 Wien


+43/1/934 66 91-400

Organisation's profile:

The Jugendkarte GmbH is part of the Bundesnetzwerk Österreichische Jugendinfos (i.e. National Network of Austrian Youth Information Centres), the national umbrella organisation of the Austrian Youth Information Centres. is the national European Youth Card Association and also national member organisation of the European networks ERYICA and EURODESK.

Card's profile:

With your European Youth Card Austria you'll get lots of discounts on mobility, culture and leisure activities.

Apart from discounts the youth information/youth card network also provides you with all kinds of information – e.g. about travelling, education & work or leisure activities.

Where to get the card:

Online at as well as in all Austrian youth information centers.

For contact details of the Austrian youth information centers please visit