Spain - Injuve

Carnet Joven



Jose Ortega y Gasset 71
28006 Madrid


+34 917827734

Organisation's profile:

Injuve is an Autonomous Department of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, of the Spanish government. It promotes specific programs which are aimed at increasing different and diverse benefits and chances for young people. This enables those up to 30 years of age to become aware of other possibilities, visit other places and have access to a wide variety of benefits.

Injuve, as the Spanish national member, has been a part of EYCA since its start in 1986.

Card's profile:

The European Youth Card is managed by the 19 youth organizations of the Autonomous Communities and Autonomous Cities of Spain. Injvue is responsible for the coordination at national level with these Communities and Cities. This means that there are 19 different regional cards with different age limits and prices, although, based on reciprocity, you can use any of the regional cards in all regions and enjoy the benefits.

Where to get the card:

Obtaining a Carnet Joven is easy: buy and register it directly online with one of the Spanish local cards by select from the drop-down menu under Spain-region.