EYCA Rebranding



At the end of 2008, EYCA and its Member organisations ran a public competition for the re-design of the EURO<26 logo. Companies and individual graphic designers submitted more than 5000 entries. A professional jury made up of PR & Communication and branding experts then chose five logos into the final round, which EYCA’s Member organisations voted on. During the May 2009 Conference in Cardiff, the EYCA General Assembly approved the new logo of the association and its use.

The new EYCA logo

The new EYCA logo continues the identity of the old EURO<26 logo by retaining and building on three key elements:

  • a development of the black “Hercules” figure into a streamlined black figure (contrasting letters “y” and “a”)
  • the magenta background
  • the yellow star.

The letters EYCA in the logo stand both for the European Youth Card Association as well as European Youth Card.


Reasons for re-branding

The main motivation for EYCA to re-design its logo was a request from those Member organisations, which issued the EURO<26 card to young people up to the age of 30. There was a strong need for both a new logo and a new brand for the card.

To ensure recognition of the new logo, EYCA going to use it for a transition period of two years (May 2009 until May 2011) together with the old Hercules logo. For questions regarding the logo or to receive the full EYCA reDesign Manual, please contact the EYCA office.