EYCA and its members

The European Youth Card Association is a not-for-profit organization, governed by the General Assembly (GA) where all EYCA organisations with full membership are represented. The GA elects the Board or Administration and the President of the Association. The EYCA office provides administrative and other support to all EYCA card organisations.

Each EYCA member organisation issues the European Youth Card in their territory. The majority of EYCA’s member organisations are NGOs and private foundations, however, some of them are also state and public institutions, private companies as well as other legally operating entities.

The Youth Cards are independent organisations, but in order to be a member of EYCA they must respect common rules and the EYCA Quality Standards. Based on EYCA’s Statutes, member organisations commit to re-invest profit generated from card sales into further development of benefits targeting young people.

Most youth cards are operated by creative organisations that understand how to design an attractive mix of information, services and products. In doing so, they have learned to operate with funding from different sources: card sales, public or governmental agencies and commercial sponsors.

For more information about EYCA members in different countries please follow this link.

Becoming an EYCA member

EYCA actively seeks partner organisations in countries that are not yet participating in the European Youth Card system. We are currently seeking strong partner organisations to take on the rewarding challenge of setting up a European Youth Card in Denmark, Iceland, Monaco, Northern Ireland, Wales and Albania.

To find out more about the EYCA Membership procedure and apply to become an Associate Member, please download the attached document. For more details, please contact the EYCA office.