Hilary Kidd

Member Profile

Hilary Kidd is Smart Services Director at Young Scot, leading on the strategic development and implementation of Young Scot’s smart-service programmes including the Young Scot National Entitlement Card and Young Scot Membership - connecting young people to a full range of discounts, Young Scot Rewards and other enhanced entitlements which are tailored for them.

A qualified Solicitor, Hilary has spent the majority of her career in the third sector in Scotland. Passionate about youth participation and tackling inequalities, Hilary strongly believes that young people should be empowered to be system changers and influencers.

She is excited to play a key role in the implementation of EYCA’s five-year strategic plan, and wants to ensure that it is young people who are creating a Europe where they are supported to travel, study, work, volunteer and participate meaningfully in their chosen communities.

Hilary is one of our two Vice-Presidents and leads the governance portfolio, working to ensure EYCA governance is fair, efficient, transparent and accountable for our member organisations. She also works to support EYCA members to meet and exceed the high standards of quality required.