Spain – Catalunya

Card's Profile

The Carnet Jove youth card is aimed at all young people aged between 12 and 30, both inclusive.

It is available for all young people in Catalonia and abroad, as long as it is requested at one of the issuing points in Catalonia, whether the young person resides here permanently or is passing through.

You can choose between two modalities of youth card, the non-bankers' card and the bankers' card. The latter option is available in four different versions: Pre-Payment Card, Visa Electron, Visa Estrella or Visa Classic (the last two are only available to over 18s).

In the case of choosing the bankers' youth card, in addition to the advantages inherent in the Carnet Jove youth card, bankers' services are included with special conditions (free card fee, maintenance commissions etc.) as well as other complementary advantages offered by CaixaBank's young people's programme called ImaginBank.

The card is issued by Agència Catalana de la Joventut.

Where To Get The Card

To get to your Carnet Jove youth card, please go to any branch of CaixaBank. 7-9 days after presenting your application, you can go and pick up your definitive Carnet Jove youth card from the same branch.

Young people aged 18 and over can also request their youth card online.

You can also take out a provisional Carnet Jove youth card, which will be given to you on the spot and which will be valid only in Catalonia for 30 days. The provisional youth card can be issued at “Youth information point”, C/ Calàbria 147 - 08015 Barcelona. Before this provisional card runs out, you should go to a branch of CaixaBank to request your permanent youth card.