How the card works and why you should get it

The European Youth Card is a card for young people offering a large number of discounts on culture, travel, accommodation, shopping and services in most European countries.  Check out the discounts in our online database, which you can search by category, city or country.

Everyone under the age of 30 (or 26, depending on the country or region) can become a cardholder – you don’t have to be a student or a resident of a European country. You can find a quick overview of countries and their age limits here. If there is no national card organisation in your country or you are coming from outside of Europe, you can buy the card online through the Kiosk webshop.

The card costs between EUR 5 and EUR 19, depending on where you purchase it, but you will always be able to use it wherever you see the European Youth Card logo. The card is usually issued for one year.

The European Youth Card is issued in three versions: a classic card (as pictured above), a student card or a so called co-brand card.

A co-branded card can be issued with various partners -  a bank, a railway company, a municipality or local government, a cultural institution, etc. While the design of a co-branded card can be very different from a classic card, it always carries the EYCA logo.