Italy - Sardinia Region

Organisation Profile:

Eurodesk Italy is a nonprofit body governed by public law (EU Directive 24/2014) established in 1997. It operates with the support of the European Commission, the Italian National Agency for Youth and several local public and private organizations.

Eurodesk Italy mission is to shorten distances between young people and institutions, center and peripheries, and raise awareness among young people on learning mobility opportunities, encouraging them to become active citizens. Services provided by the Eurodesk Local Multipliers target mainly at young people:

i.e., schools and universities students, young researchers, youth associations and groups, NEETs. Particular attention is placed on providing access to those who do not belong to youth associations and organizations, and hence have more problems to find useful information and grasp opportunities.

Eurodesk Italy is a full member of the Eurodesk European Network. Eurodesk is the official information and counselling organization to the Erasmus+ program (2021-2027).

With the support of the European Youth Card Association (EYCA), Eurodesk Italy promotes and run the Carta Giòvanos Sardigna, a tool for all young Sardinians from 14 to 30 years old to take part into quality mobility experiences through access to opportunities and discounts at local, regional, national and European levels. You can apply for your European Youth Card here.  

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