2018 Carnet Jove Scholarships awarded in Catalonia

The 2018 Carnet Jove Scholarships have been awarded to 12 talented young people who are now gearing up to start their year-long internships in some of the best organisations in Catalonia.

Introduced in 2009, the Carnet Jove Scholarships aim to connect young people with career opportunities by providing a quality internship for one year in addition to a scholarhip of 5,000 EUR. The programme is developed by the Catalan Youth Agency - the European Youth Card organisation in Catalonia, Spain.

The 12 winners will work in leading organisations and develop skills in the fields of social action, design, comics, written journalism, radio, photography and five television disciplines: production, makeup, set design, musical production and costume design.

In 2018, a new scholarship was introduced thanks to the new agreement with Futbol Club Barcelona. This scholarship will allow the young winner to learn and work alongside the best sports professionals in the world in one of the most famous football clubs.

"With this social action we want to increase the value of the Youth Card as a tool for young people by opening the way for them to access an internship in important companies. This is a great way to provide young people with the professional opportunities that they deserve."
Marta Vilalta, General Director of Youth of the Catalan Government

The event was attended by Marta Vilalta (General Director of Youth of the Catalan Government), Cesc Poch (General Director of the Catalan Youth Agency), the 2018 scholarshop winners, the 2017 winners whose internships are coming to an end, partner organisations and companies.