European Youth Card coming soon to Lazio, Italy

We are happy to announce Lazio Crea has joined the European Youth Card Association and will develop the European Youth Card project in the Lazio region of Italy, as part of the regional government’s youth policy development.

The LAZIO YOUth CARD will be launched in the next few months and will initially focus on cultural and sports discounts for young people. In addition to discounts, the card will allow young people to enjoy special opportunities such as going to the cinema for free on specific days of the week. The service portfolio will be gradually expanded to cover many of the areas in which young people need support. LAZIO YOUth CARD services will be provided via a dedicated mobile application.

The card will also work as a communication channel between Lazio’s regional government and young people, keeping policy makers updated on the needs and challenges young people face so that the card programme and other youth programmes are efficient in supporting their beneficiaries.

Manel Sanchez, European Youth Card Association Director, stated:

Welcoming such a strong member organisation in the Lazio region of Italy is great news for EYCA but most importantly, for all young people in the region and across Europe. Over 6 million cardholders will be able to enjoy the services the LAZIO YOUth CARD will provide in Rome and the whole region. We are now working to expand European Youth Card services to other areas of Italy and are expecting more good news in 2019.