Creating new routes to employment

The European Youth Card Association Mobility in the Mind programme aims to address one of the most pressing issues for young people in Europe today – unemployment. Drawing on the know-how and experience of EYCA member organisations, the programme supports young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills and co-create career opportunities for themselves and all young people in Europe in five economic sectors.

EYCA Young Innovators

Through Mobility in the Mind, twenty young people from five European countries become EYCA Young Innovators. For nearly one year, the EYCA Young Innovators will work closely with the EYCA member organisation in their country to:

  • Offer new insight into what entrepreneurship and employability mean to young people in Europe
  • Co-create and innovate European Youth Card services to boost entrepreneurship and employability among all young people
  • Gain valuable skills and hands-on experience in developing a business plan, thus creating new career opportunities for themselves.

EYCA and its member organisations are there all the way, supporting the development of the ideas and skills of Young Innovators through mentoring, connecting them with their peers from across Europe, with business partners and potential investors, so that Mobility in the Mind becomes a valuable learning experience.

As part of the programme, the EYCA Young Innovators will also take part in several events. The events calendar includes a Symposium in Portugal (17-20 March, 2015) and five seminars dedicated to each economic sector (April – November 2015).

The seminars will bring together EYCA Young Innovators, EYCA member organisations and potential business partners to build sectorial partnerships and further develop their projects.

Five innovation sectors

The EYCA Young Innovators work with five EYCA member organisations to develop European Youth Card-related opportunities and projects in five different sectors of the economy.

To find out more about the five sectors and how Mobility in the Mind is being developed in partnership with EYCA member organisations, please visit the following websites:

If you want to learn how European Youth Cards already contribute to employability and entrepreneurship for young people in Europe, please see the EYCA Good Practice Series publication available here.

“Mobility in the Mind” is a pan-European project led by the European Youth Card Association. The programme aims to co-create together with young people new routes to employment by innovating European Youth Card services.