José Juan Núñez Timermans

  • Spain

Member Profile

José Juan is a 23-year-old student from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. He is currently studying Law & International Relations at the Loyola University in Seville. He is passionate about youth empowerment, regional integration processes and democratic values.

He considers himself a Iberian, Mediterranean and European citizen. He believes that identities are meant to add up and not to divide us. José Juan joined an exchange programme in Rio de Janeiro for six months. For that reason, he is concerned about inequality and racism. That's why he believes in the importance of education and equal opportunities for all. Currently, he is involved in a study programme at Bologna University in Italy.

José Juan has been involved in different organisations at the local level, additionally, he has participated in several Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges and a Study Session on Youth Advocacy and Peacebuilding organised by the Council of Europe. Through these experiences he has become an advocate on Youth Participation. Travelling, history and meeting new people are some of his passions.