28 Nov 2016

Youth-led organisation to launch the European Youth Card in Moldova

QNA Moldova is the latest addition to the European Youth Card Association, gearing up to launch the Youth Card in Moldova. QNA is dedicated to investing in the development of young people through education, sports and mobility. For the past 6 years, QNA has been working diligentl…

22 Nov 2016

V•Inspired, UK’s leading youth volunteering charity, joins EYCA

V•Inspired is the newest member of the European Youth Card Association, having been awarded the licence to develop the European Youth Card in England. The organisation is the UK’s leading volunteering charity for 14-25 year olds, supporting young people to get involved in cau…

26 Oct 2016

ENGAGE. INFORM. EMPOWER: EYCA, Eurodesk and ERYICA call for more focus on youth mobility and information in the new EU Youth Strategy

The three main European networks for youth information and youth mobility have joined forces to develop a set of recommendations for the new EU Youth Strategy. The position paper entitled Engage. Inform. Empower elaborates on the recommendations of the three networks and stresses…


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