Support. Involve. Inspire.

With 30 years of activity, a very diverse membership and well-established partnerships with major European institutions, our work covers a vast range of youth services and projects. Read on to find out how we support, involve and inspire young people across Europe.

Support -- Discounts and opportunities to do more and be more

The European Youth Card offers young people under 31 tens of thousands of discounts on travel, accommodation, transportation, culture, sports, education and products in 36 countries. The card is available to all young people, irrespective of their nationality or whether they are students or not. It is a great tool to support them to travel and expand their horizons, access culture and entertainment, further their education and lead enriching lives.

In addition, EYCA member organisations use the European Youth Card as a tool to provide young people with quality information and help them kick-start their careers and become more entrepreneurial by offering internships schemes and business training programmes in cooperation with the business sector.

Involve -- Helping young people have their voices heard

Young people are a formidable force for change. It is essential that they are listened to on all levels of government and society and that they have the opportunities they need to shape their communities. We encourage them to get involved and become active and well-informed citizens, with real input on the policies that affect them and with a positive impact on society.

To achieve this, we use the European Youth Card communication network to promote political participation and we develop and support a wide range of volunteering and community engagement programmes.

Inspire -- Celebrating their achievements

Many young people do amazing work for the benefit of their peers and society as a whole. We believe these young people should be celebrated and recognised. To do this, EYCA members organise awards programmes and ceremonies, some of which have become huge events with great media coverage.